Party, Wedding & Event Lighting Design

If you have always dreamed of having that stunning entrance into a ballroom, lighting design can make dreams come true. Lighting design is a great way to enhance a ballroom, arrangements, head table, or even make a centerpiece pop. 

Up-lighting & Area Wash lighting


Our Professional LED lighting will add the perfect color ambiance and accent for your event. Each has a nearly infinite color spectrum and is programmable to almost any color you want. Transform an ordinary room into something extraordinary!

Gobo Projection

Let us light up the dance floor, walls, or ceiling with your initials, names, custom logo or creative patterns! The Gobo Projection used alone or in conjunction with a Custom LED Up-lighting is sure to make your event elegant and memorable.

love light

Pin Spot Lighting

Pin spot lights are perfect for lighting centerpieces, cakes, head tables, bar areas, signs and any focal point. Pin spot lighting is also a great solution if the reception space comes with several architectural features that you would not want the guests to see. This is simply because you create the focus other than the walls around by having the main light source be at the tables or focal areas. If you are looking to bring a room to life, pin spot lighting can definitely help do that alone or in conjunction with up-lighting.

Uplighting w/ Truss

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